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Public Records Request

Public Records Request

General Availability of Records

Public records will be available for inspection and copying during YHA’s normal business hours, which are Monday through Thursday, 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. excluding federal holidays.  If a requestor seeks to inspect and/or copy records outside of YHA’s normal business hours, the requestor should coordinate with the Public Records Officer to arrange for mutually agreeable times for inspection and/or copying.

Records must be inspected at YHA’s office located at 810 North 6th Avenue, Yakima, WA, unless the requester pays for copies as provided in YHA’s public records policy and in Chapter 42.56 RCW.   YHA will not allow original records out of YHA's office except that YHA may send original records to a reputable commercial copying center to fulfill a records request.

Some of the commonly requested YHA documents are available on this website.  Requesters are encouraged to view the documents available on the web site prior to submitting a records request.  YHA may also fulfill its obligation to provide "access" to a public record by providing a requestor with a link to a website containing an electronic copy of a requested record.


Click here for changes to the Open Public Meeting Act and Public Records Requests by Governor Inslee’s amendment 20-28

Making A Public Records Request

Requests for public records of YHA, or those seeking assistance in making such a request, should contact:

Yakima Housing Authority
Attn: Public Records Officer
810 North 6th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902
Telephone: (509) 453-3106
Fax:  (509) 494-7080

Any person wishing to inspect or copy public records of YHA should make the request in writing on the YHA request form (available below), by letter, fax, or e-mail addressed to the YHA’s Public Records Officer (see above for contact information).  The request form is also available for use by Requesters at the office of the Public Records Officer.  Requests should include the following information:

1. Name of requestor;
2. Address of requestor;
3. Other contact information, including telephone number and any e-mail address;
4. The date and time of day of the request;
5. Identification of the public records adequate for the public records officer or designee to locate the records;
6. Location or department of the requested records, if known;
7. Whether the Requestor intends to inspect the records or obtain photocopies, or electronic copies, at the costs set forth below in this policy; and
8. The method by which YHA should contact the Requestor.

If a Requestor wishes to have copies or electronic reproductions of the records made instead of simply inspecting them, he or she should so indicate and make arrangements to pay for copies of the records or a deposit.

For additional information about the public records request process, please review the Housing Authority of The City of Yakima Public Records Policy by clicking here.

Resolution 14-797

To view a copy of YHA’s Resolution 14-797, which discusses the adoption of its public records policy, click here.

YHA Public Records Request Form

To open a copy of the YHA Public Records Request Form, click here.  Please print the form, fill it out and submit it according to the information provided above.

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