The Yakima Housing Authority (YHA) is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable housing for all persons.  Each of our developments is a special place, reflecting the rich diversity in the experiences and backgrounds of our residents and the surrounding neighborhoods.

We welcome people from many walks of life and work diligently to create positive living environments to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

In addition to YHA's Family Housing programs, we have many other programs available to moderate income persons, including working families and the elderly.

Committed to Safe and Affordable Housing

Our mission is “Building Stronger Communities Through our Commitment to Safe and Affordable Housing”

Our vision is “To Be the Premier Affordable Housing Provider in the Communities We Serve Within Five Years”

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Valley Seven (Farmers Home) Program


The Yakima Housing Authority currently has vacancies in the USDA Rural Development Program. 


We have clean and affordable housing available in the Lower Valley (Toppenish, Granger), Upper Valley (Cowiche, Tieton), and Yakima. We currently have 1-5 bedroom units available.  We also have handicap accessible units available if you qualify.

Are you a low income family? Do you earn a minimum of $4,583 of domestic agricultural income and are a U.S. citizen or have legal status?

If you answered “YES” to the questions above, the Yakima Housing Authority may be able to help you with your housing needs!

Anyone eligible may apply!

For additional information or questions regarding the Valley Seven (Farmers Home) program, please contact Georgina at (509) 453-3106 ext 110.


2019 Section 8 Waiting List Lottery

The 100 application confirmation numbers selected for 2019 are now available. Please click on Section 8 Lottery Listing to view randomly selected numbers.


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