Farmworker Housing

Farmworker Housing

Farm Worker Housing Program

Yakima Housing Authority owns and manages 173 units of agricultural rental housing which are located on 46 sites throughout Yakima County.  Our units range in size from one to five bedrooms.

Eligible tenants must be low income, earn part of their income from farm work and have no felony convictions in the past three-years.  Rent subsidies may be awarded based on availability.

Our Farmworker Housing units are located at the following sites:


Valley West
16901/16903/16905/16907 Summitview Ave.
16941/16943/16945/16947 Summitview Ave.


Harvest Plaza
404/406/410/502/504 S. 1st St. (A/B)
305/309/401 E. 2nd St. (A/B)


Valley West
1002/1004/1006 Naches Ave.
400/402 Newland Pl.
815/817 Franklin
1215/1217 Tieton Ave.
261/263 S. Tieton Rd.
19861/19863/19865/19867 Summitview Ave.


Horizon Apartments
712 Washington Ave. (#1-9)
501 E. 1st Ave. (#10-14)
502 E. 1st Ave. (#15-21)
115/117 S. “G” St.
517 N Elm Street

Linda Vista
1106 A/B Washington Ave.
1106 C/D Washington Ave.
810 A/B Monroe Ave.
712 A/B/C Rentschler Ln.
822 A/B/C Rentschler Ln.
701 A/B/C/D Guyette Ln.
703 A/B/C Guyette Ln.
707 A/B/C Guyette Ln.
708 A/B/C/D Guyette Ln.
709 A/B/C Guyette Ln.
308 A/B West Third

Sage Court
614 Washington
110 S. Beech St.


Mariposa Apartments
918 Fenton (#101-105)
919 Fenton
314 Cherry Ave. ( #100-118)
(The occupancy policy for these units is different from others in the program, please click here to view this policy.)

Pioneer Plaza
408/410/412 E. Spruce St.
902/904/906 E. Beech St.
1115/1117/1119/1121 Pleasant Ave.
1314/1316 S. 12th Ave.
1408/1410/1412/1414 Willow St.
507/509 N. 6th Ave.
510/512 Cherry Ave.

Sunset Terrace
417/419/503/505 N. 6th Ave.
1004/1006/1008/1010 Buwalda
202 A&B N. 9th Ave.
1707 A/B Pleasant Ave.
608 S. 8th St.
509 S. 10th St.
330 S. 9th St.
311 S. 7th St.
1611/1613/1615/1617 S. 1st Ave.
603/605 S. 4th St.
1112/1114 S. 18th

Occupancy Policy

Click here to view our Occupancy Policy for Farmworker Housing Program

Income Limits

Click here to view our Income Limits for Farmworker Housing Program

You can apply for Farmworker Housing at our main office located at 810 N. 6th Ave. in Yakima.  You can also apply online by clicking here.

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