Notice to All Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program Participants of YHA's Intent to Participate in the Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration Program. MTW plan will be available for review during the public comment period of September 1st - 30th.

Family Housing

Family Housing

YHA Family Housing Program

Yakima Housing Authority (YHA) Family Housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.  Family Housing comes in all sizes and types.  YHA owns and operates 150 units and offers a variety of housing to applicants so they can choose the type which best fits their family's needs.

Eligible tenants will meet the following requirements:

•    Must be low income
•    Must not have any felony convictions in the last three-years.

Eligible tenants pay approximately 30-percent of their income for rent and utilities.

You can apply for Family Housing at our main office located at 810 N. 6th Ave. in Yakima.  You can also apply online by clicking here.

Our Family Housing units are located at the following sites in Yakima:

Fair Avenue Apartments
1022 E. Chestnut - 14 units

Pacific Apartments
504/508 Pacific - 15 units

Evergreen Apartments
1322 S. 18th Ave. - 6 units

Cascade Apartments
615 N. 15th Ave.     - 15 units

Eastwood Apartments
610 E. Arlington St. - 10 units

Sierra Apartments
603 Central Ave. - 14 units

Parkview Apartments
801 Central Ave. - 10 units

1212 S. 9th St. - 4 units

Yakima Terrace

1307/09/11 S. 18th Ave. - 6 units

Nueva Apartments
810 N. 6th Ave. - 39 units
(The occupancy policy for these units is different from others in the program, please click here to view this policy.)

Spruce Lane Apartments
914 E. Spruce St. - 20 units

Edgewood Apartments
621 N. 16th Ave.  - 10 units

Willow Lane Apartments
1214 Willow St. - 10 units

Occupancy Policy

Click here to view our Occupancy Policy for Family Housing

Income Limits
Click here to view income limits of the Family Housing

Grievance Procedure
Click here to view grievance procedure of the Family Housing


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